My start in film photography

How I Started in Film Photography by


You don’t take a photograph, you make it. 

Ansel Adams

Happy World Photography Day!

Because I love photography so much and I shot digital for few years, I started shooting in film very recently, going back to the days where you needed to wait until you develop the film by yourself or sent it to the film lab and hope you get some good shots. You haven’t feel adrenaline when you get your pictures back, you are dead!
Because I don’t have a huge budget, my friend Laura Pardo, recommend me the Canon Rebel G, I got one online for $35 with one lens and filter. I was very lucky! I started watching videos about it, and reading a lot, and still I feel like I know nothing (just like Jon Snow ).
How do you learn about film photography? Take pictures! Read, ask questions! -God knows everybody is sick of my questions- but I rather ask and learn than screw my camera and still feel clueless.
Now I am part of some facebook groups where fellow film-lovers like myself, learn about film photography, share their pictures and ask questions (for a newbie like me, this is awesome!).
If you are looking for a workshop to learn how to shoot film, check Embrace the Grain, the fall workshop is starting very soon.

And now let me show you an awesome video for inspiration purposes: