13 music gift ideas

13 music gift ideas

13 music gift ideas from bolditup.com.png

Need a gift for someone who loves music?
Do YOU love music? Get something for you or your home. I will show you cool stuff you can gift to that person that listen music all day long. 🙂

Wireless speakers:

You can’t go wrong gifting a nice wireless speaker.I own a few and use them in different rooms, I will show you a couple that I owe and they have been great!


13 music gifts ideas from bolditup.com SoundBot

I love to sing in the shower, is one of the places we feel comfortable enough to give ourselves a nice concert.
This speaker is $14.99 and even if is not super loud, you can put it in the shower with you. 🙂

Get it here.

If you plan to give a bigger one, my recommendation is the Phillips DOT, I own it and is awesome! I use it everywhere, at the beach, in the house, at the backyard, the sound is awesome for the size and I can take it in my purse.

Bookshelf Speakers:

13 music gift ideas from bolditup.com Bookshelf Speaker
But if the recipient, is in need of a nice pair of bookshelf speakers, you can buy good ones from $50 to $250


When looking for a turntable you need to know your needs and what equipment are you willing to add to your player. So I bring you a couple of options, one portable and one that you can set it up with a bookshelf speakers and be ready to rock your place!

13 music gifts ideas from bolditup.com Turntable
This vintage style turntable is  belt drive (If you don’t know what this is, you can learn more here), and has built-in speakers, you can connect your Ipod, RCA output (so you can connect your speakers), 3.5mm line in port and headphones jack. Also will look super cool in your living room! Use code VY4BWJIT for $30 off -Yayyyyyyyy!-(until 5/31/16).

Buy it here.

If you are looking for another style, the Audio Technica At-LP60 is a great beginner’s turntable.


Spotify Gift Card:

13 music gift ideas from bolditup.com gift-cards
Well, I love physical albums but my ¨collection¨ goes beyond my records, I love Spotify and how simple it is to use it. Also my cell phone doesn’t have a lot of space so this is great when I want to listen online or offline to my playlists. Buy Gift cards in this link.

Also, great news for families.We have a family plan and I am so happy I found about Spotify Family, now my husband and I can use Premium accounts and still have our separate profiles.
Spotify just released the awesome news that they are upgrading their pricing for families up to 6 people for $14.99 a month.
Check more about Family plan here.



13 music gifts ideas from bolditup.com record club.gif
Obviously, if you are a music lover, you need music 🙂
Going to the record store is one of my favorite things to do, but unfortunately I can’t go there as often as I want to.
Luckily, there are a bunch of ways to get records online Amazon, Ebay, Discogs, Amoeba, but also from some years back, records subscription clubs have been gaining a lot of recognition, mostly because is a excellent way to discover new music and adding essential vinyl to your record collection. Vinyl Me Please is one of my favorites, they send you an exclusive pressed record every month, also includes
Prices start from $23 for your own membership and you can send it as a gift.

Concert tickets:

13 music gifts ideas from bolditup.com Concert.jpg

Concerts are all about the experience of listening to live music and set a memory that will last forever. So concert tickets are a no brainer if you know some artist is coming t your town and you want to give a ticket as a gift.

This could be a double gift, let me explain myself better.

You can surprise your loved one with a ticket to a concert of her/his favorite artist (and that by itself will be awesome) but giving it is half the fun. You can find ideas of how to give concert tickets here.
To buy online tickets for someone else, check this link.


Record storage case:

13 music gifts ideas from bolditup.com record case

I am a record collector and even if I have more than  30 albums I own this case, because is beautiful (Gorgeous!), is a great option to add to your decor showing your love for music and brag about your favorite albums. 🙂
And if you want to gift it, I bet that person will love it! (Extra points for you if you give it with some records inside).
Get this case here.


13 music gift ideas from bolditup.com apparel.PNG

Of course, wearing the t shirt of your favorite band is the best thing ever, so giving it as a gift is a no-brainer. Is inexpensive but a really emotional gift. (Am I the only one who gets really excited when I see someone I don’t know wear a shirt of my favorite band?)

Rockabilia is a cool website that carries from baby sizes to 3X.



I am obsessed with gallery walls and decorating your wall with art inspiring by music will show everybody the love for music and you will feel embraced by the best of music.
I am going to recommend two artists that captures not only the musicians, but their work, and they nailed it!

Dose Creative

13 music gifts ideas from bolditup.com Dose Creative Art

Based in Florida, this is one my favorite shops on Etsy, a great  collection of artists art prints of all music genres: from Jazz to Hip Hop. If you -or the person you are looking a gift for- loves Indie music,definitely check this shop. Follow them on facebook  and Instagram , sometimes the artist post good offers and updates his art shows!

Draw me a song

13 music gifts ideas from bolditup.com Art Draw Me a Song


This parisian shop illustrates song lyrics into awesome and colorful art.
With a mix of typography, illustration and music lyrics, these art prints are bold and awesome to change the decor of any room.
Check the shop on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.



13 music gift ideas from bolditup.com Mug


Because drinking coffee without music in the background is just wrong.
Show the love for music with a mug. They are inexpensive, but is a gift that it will be used every day of the year 😉

Check some here.

If you are more of the beer type, you can get pint glasses.



TUNDRA BOOKS - Tundra Books to publish Legends, Icons & Rebels
Cover of Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World, released October 8th, 2013 (CNW Group/Random House of Canada Limited) (CNW Group/Tundra Books)

¨I have too many books¨said no one ever.
From biographies to coffee table’s books, there are a wide selection online.

Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed The World.

The Wrecking Crew: The Inside Story of Rock and Roll’s Best-Kept Secret

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain.

1000 Record Covers

Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting.

Cassette Tape USB Stick Flash Drive

13 music gift ideas from bolditup.com mixtape USB

I remember the days of the mixtape and how you could show that special person how much he/she meant to you by spending hours assembling the perfect playlist.
Now, you can make a nice playlist but instead of a tape, storage it in a USB drive that looks like one. Get it here.


Ticket Stub Diary:

13 music gift ideas from bolditup.com ticket diary

A great and easy way to storage all those concert tickets, it comes with space so you can write your own impressions. Buy it on Uncommon Goods.

What else would you add to this list? Tell me on the comment section. 😉
























Watercolor art with a purpose.

Watercolor art with a purpose.

I met Emily when she volunteered in Costa Rica. She was my roommate and she was sweet and friendly. I always liked her a lot, now I can tell why, after all of these years, she is still looking for ways to give. That is how Jane & Pearl was born. A watercolor stationery where 100% of the profits go to non-profits organizations that help oppressed women and children.

Her first  project as Jane and Pearl is helping a Syrian Refugee School in Turkey where 250 Syrian refugees children are learning from 8 Syrian Refugee Teachers and 1 support staff. You can check about this school here.
This kids are taught in classrooms that once were shipping containers and besides regular class, they also help them deal with their emotions through art.


You can help this school to maintain open, buying Jane and Pearl’s thank you cards, every package comes with 10 cards with their envelopes. 100% of the profits goes to this school.

Buy them here.