The circle of life (DIY style)

postcircleI decided to give this rattan bookcase a new life,my neighbors were taking it to the trash when I had a vision of this colorful bookcase.

First it was like this:


I used 2 cans of Prime Spray Paint to make sure it covered all the way.

This is with the primer:


After being completely dry,I start with the first can of Spray Paint, and let me tell you something about this, your finger gets numb,so take some breaks and ask for help if needed.

I ended udp using 3 cans of this amazing color and the results made me very happy.




Blogging Again.

It´s been so long since I wrote on a blog. I used to have one but life happened and after years,I had this feeling of having to write again. So here I am.

It´s been 6 months since I moved to the States from Costa Rica and now I feel at home and ready to show you a little of this quirky family.

I hope you enjoy all the crazy stuff I want to share with you.