Watercolor art with a purpose.

Watercolor art with a purpose.

I met Emily when she volunteered in Costa Rica. She was my roommate and she was sweet and friendly. I always liked her a lot, now I can tell why, after all of these years, she is still looking for ways to give. That is how Jane & Pearl was born. A watercolor stationery where 100% of the profits go to non-profits organizations that help oppressed women and children.

Her first  project as Jane and Pearl is helping a Syrian Refugee School in Turkey where 250 Syrian refugees children are learning from 8 Syrian Refugee Teachers and 1 support staff. You can check about this school here.
This kids are taught in classrooms that once were shipping containers and besides regular class, they also help them deal with their emotions through art.


You can help this school to maintain open, buying Jane and Pearl’s thank you cards, every package comes with 10 cards with their envelopes. 100% of the profits goes to this school.

Buy them here.