Keep your produce organized.



I like organization items, I am trying to keep my house in a organized way so I can find stuff quicker and looks better. Efficiency is the key.
Recently I re organized my pantry in a way I could find all my stuff and anyone in the house could know how to keep up with the plan. I use this on my pantry to keep all of my tea bags, small flavoring pouches in one place (and you can see through).
Also my potatoes so they last longer, this bags are breathable and they are perfect to keep my produce ‘eatable’ for more time than if I just pile them in a container. Unfortunately I had to throw potatoes because they go bad in a couple of days in a regular container or in the plastic bag they came .
They have a cord that is easy to close so everything keeps in its place and different color tags so when in storage is easy to identify their content.
Each order includes:
-Five 12″x14″
-Two 12″x17″
-Two 12″x8″

You can get it here.

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I received this product for free, in exchange of an unbiased review. All recommendations are based in the use of the product and satisfaction.

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