10 cool gifts for mother’s day under $40

10 cool gifts for mother’s day under $40


So, Mother’s day is almost here and you don’t want to end up getting some flowers at the supermarket that will die in 2 days (too dramatic?)My point is, there is awesome stuff on the internet to give as a gift. Hey, after all, all moms are different! 🙂
I check some websites to find cool deals and awesome gifts.

Let me show you some ideas of cool products I have found online that are not the typical ¨mom’s gift¨

Swear Coloring Books:

Yeah, they are a bunch of coloring books all over the place,mandalas, cats, etc,  but these ones, are for the moms who need to take some time for themselves with a glass of wine or beer, while the family sleeps.


MDG1You can find it here, also right now there is a special sale on the Release your anger: Midnight edition.  Don’t forget to get some coloring pencils as well 😉


Yoga mat:

If your mom/ friend/sister loves yoga, having a good yoga mat is a must. This one is not expensive and the material and quality are awesome, I personally own this one and is great!
Is Latex and rubber free, hypoallergenic and 5mm thick. Get it here, but if you need something thicker and extra long, I recommend this 8mm one.


Also if she wants to lose weight and get healthier, the DDP Yoga DVDs could be an awesome gift that she will use the rest of the year. You can get it in one payment or in 3 monthly payments of $24.99, check it here.

Geek Necklace:

If the mom is a Star Wars fan, this will melt her rebel heart. Also you get to keep half of it, so is a win-win situation!


You can buy it here. Also they have awesome apparel, check it out.

Bathtub Caddy:

OK, so, if you are a mom, you now the bath time is like taking a vacation, so you  need to make sure that mom is taking some time for herself to keep sane.

MDG4.PNG  This is made of teak, good deal for $39.99, buy it here.

Coffee mugs:

I went to Etsy to find something cool, and there is sooo much in here that I included a link with store that have really cool ones for your mom, grandma, aunt, sister, etc. This one definitely will make her smile every time she uses it.


Check more cool mugs here.

   Boho Duvet cover set:


Very Trendy, colorful and on sale! Check it here.

Seed Sheet Garden: 

Recently I found a really cool product that simplifies the  way to garden herbs,veggies and flowers, so this is the perfect time to gift it, it is called the Seed Sheet, pretty much is a sheet already with seeds on it and you just have to lay it on the garden, water it and watch it grow!


Check their different sheets here.

Gourmet food subscription box:

They literally hundreds of subscription boxes around there, and one of my favorite ones are the food boxes, this one called Try the World,  curated by chefs, brings you 7 or 8 items every month from different parts of the world. (or twice a month depending of your choice)


Subscribe here and get a FREE box with subscription.

Mandala Round Beach Throw Tapestry


Springtime is superb for outdoor time and this mandala throw is so beautiful that you won’t want to put it on the sand, also can be used as tabletop or use it in a picnic. 


Get it here.


A cool gift needs a cool card, right?
Rifle Paper CO is one of my favorite lifestyle brand. The colorful stationery products have that mix between vintage and trendy,  that have made them very popular.

In their website right now, have featured some of the mother’s day special products, like greeting cards, Greatest mom certificate, notebooks, journals, recipe box, and more.

Check more of their products here.

If nothing above feels like a right present for your mom, try Hello Shopper, a website where you set up a budget, some keywords and they will show you some really cute gift ideas.
They pick some selection of presents from all over internet, according to the information given  by the client and open a request, someone will email you back with a list of possible matches. (I even opened a request for myself and my sister and I liked what they suggest with a budget of $25, kudos).
Get a $10 off on your first order.

What do you think of this list?
What would you add to it?
Let me know in the comment section.

Keep your produce organized.



I like organization items, I am trying to keep my house in a organized way so I can find stuff quicker and looks better. Efficiency is the key.
Recently I re organized my pantry in a way I could find all my stuff and anyone in the house could know how to keep up with the plan. I use this on my pantry to keep all of my tea bags, small flavoring pouches in one place (and you can see through).
Also my potatoes so they last longer, this bags are breathable and they are perfect to keep my produce ‘eatable’ for more time than if I just pile them in a container. Unfortunately I had to throw potatoes because they go bad in a couple of days in a regular container or in the plastic bag they came .
They have a cord that is easy to close so everything keeps in its place and different color tags so when in storage is easy to identify their content.
Each order includes:
-Five 12″x14″
-Two 12″x17″
-Two 12″x8″

You can get it here.

#purifyou  #ecofriendly
I received this product for free, in exchange of an unbiased review. All recommendations are based in the use of the product and satisfaction.