How to save money when yhou are broke


For a family in a tight budget is hard to save money when you don’t have an extra income, right? That is how I thought too, until I got more conscious about our expenses and start budgeting, we not close to be debt free, but we start our path to it.
I want to show you in this post a tool that has worked for us, Digit is a program that saves money for you based on your expenses, without overdrafting your bank account.
Thanks to an algorithm, small amounts from you account are transferred to your Digit account and then,voila! you have savings!

The good thing is that Digit sends you text messages letting you know what your balance is , and in case you want to know more about your account, just via text message you can check what do you need to know. And the best part? It’s free! In case you need or want to withdraw some or all the money saved, with a text message or online you can do it, fast and easy.

This is a great start for saving money, if  you -like us- are a one income family and want to start somewhere. I will bringing you more posts about budgeting and saving money so let me hear your ideas, together we can learn from each other experiences.
Start your Digit account here.

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